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Your support fosters creativity, community and local activities, and will have a profound impact on Boyle’s cultural landscape for years to come. It’s a great way for the public or small businesses to  support the area and bring the arts to a wider audience. Without your generous help each year, the festival would not be possible. 

Are you aged 18 – 24 and interested in shaping Ballina’s future? Boyle arts festival 2024 would like to hear from you.

To become a voice for your community and be part of our programme, send a voice note, short video or email telling us why you’d like to get involved to by December 20th.

Boyle arts festival 2024 has partnered with Boyle volunteer centre as we build our volunteer team for the year. 

There will be opportunities to volunteer in areas like event planning, marketing & PR, social media, fundraising, customer service, stewarding, and more.

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Boyle Arts Festival 2024 will have a significant national and international reach, offering lots of positive opportunities for local business.

We are offering a range of sponsorship opportunities at all levels.

Donations to Boyle Arts festival will enable us to support community groups in Boyle to create exciting events throughout the year, and will assist with creating a wide programme of community involvement.

All donors will be acknowledged on our website.