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Join the Boyle Arts Festival Art Trail 2024!

Artists of all calibers, if you’ve ever wanted to showcase your creativity and artistry in a vibrant, community-oriented setting, the Boyle Arts Festival presents you with a unique opportunity! This year, as part of our eagerly anticipated festival, running from July 18th to 27th, we are inviting artists to participate in the much loved Boyle Arts Festival Art Trail.


Display Your Art in the Heart of Boyle

The Art Trail offers an unparalleled chance for artists to exhibit their work in various shop windows and vacant spaces around the town, providing a unique platform to engage with the community and visitors alike. If you’re considering being a part of this artistic journey or have already secured your exhibition spot, we’re here to include you in our official Art Trail information sheet and map.

Key Dates

  • Closing Date for Inclusion: Saturday, June 29th
  • Festival Opening: July 18th


Participation Details

Visibility and Reach: A detailed map of the Art Trail will be featured on our website and distributed widely before the festival kicks off, ensuring your work gains maximum exposure.

Exhibition Size: To allow for a diverse range of art and artists, we kindly request that your exhibitions remain compact. This approach ensures that we can accommodate as many artists as possible, maximizing the space available.

Artist Responsibilities:

  • Securing Space: It is essential for artists to engage with business owners directly to obtain permission for window/space use.
  • Display and Insurance: The responsibility for hanging, displaying, and insuring artwork falls to the artist.
  • Boyle Arts Festival assumes no responsibility for the artworks displayed on the Boyle Art Trail nor for any sales transactions.


Enhancing Community and Creativity

In recent editions, the incorporation of pop-up galleries and art trails has not only beautified vacant premises but also bolstered a spirit of community and creativity within Boyle. We are proud to continue this tradition and invite you to be a part of this creative showcase.


Get Involved

Ready to illuminate Boyle with your artistic vision? Contact us by sending an email to with your name and the location of your exhibit to be included in the Boyle Art Trail.

Don’t miss this chance to be featured in one of Boyle’s most celebrated cultural events. Join us in making the Boyle Arts Festival Art Trail 2024 a canvas for creativity, innovation, and community spirit.

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