Creating Connections – Adult Dance Workshop

Join us for “Creating Connections,” a transformative dance workshop that utilises mindful movement and conscious dance to foster a deeper connection with our bodies, environment, and community. This event is geared towards enriching your presence in life, making it easier to fully engage with each moment.

No prior dance experience is required, making this workshop accessible to everyone, regardless of ability. It is open to all individuals aged 18 and above.

The workshop is facilitated by Claire-Louise Knifton, a seasoned holistic therapist, intuitive counsellor, and skilled dance facilitator. Claire-Louise’s dance journey began at the tender age of two, and as an adult, she has trained under renowned instructors Antoinette Spillane at Dancing the Rainbow and Patricia Martello at Vitaldanza.

With her extensive background and expertise, Claire-Louise creates a nurturing and safe environment where participants are encouraged to explore their bodies with curiosity and kindness. This exploration aims to strengthen participants’ authentic presence and deepen their connections.

For more details about Claire-Louise and the workshop, please visit Join us to explore, connect, and transcend through dance.

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