Kids’ Yoga, Mindfulness & SoundPlay with Tanja (5-10 years)

Free but online booking essential.

(AutismFriendly – Please let us know if your child needs support)

In this combination of kids’ yoga, mindfulness practices and sound play with singing bowls and other instruments your kids will breathe together, sing together, do yoga poses together and learn and play with therapeutic instruments. Kids can experience wellbeing through yoga, mindfulness and sound practices, growing, learning, relaxing, playing, being creative, building confidence and making new friends.

For this age group the focus is on yoga poses and alignment through stories, fun facts, yoga journeys to different cultures and countries and age group appropriate games. It always includes breath work and relaxation as they are an important part of yoga and can be so beneficial for children in coping with life in school, friendships and everyday challenges.

It will also encourage children to use their creativity and body awareness to come up with their own poses. Yoga stories will be read together relating to how we can be good to ourselves (coping with emotions, stress relief, healthy eating). With sound play we explore will another wellbeing tool in which we learn actively how we can relax ourselves through our auditory and tactile senses as well as our interoception.

Yoga mats are provided, please have your child wear comfortable clothing.

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