Celebrating Young Creatives: The Boyle Arts Festival Children’s Art Initiative

Unleashing Creativity and Community Spirit

Launched in 2018 as a vibrant part of the Boyle Arts Festival, the children’s art initiative was envisioned to deepen children’s engagement with the arts and the festival itself. The goal was crystal clear from the beginning: to elevate young voices in the arts community, weaving a stronger connection between children’s creativity and the broader dialogues around art in educational and family settings. By securing a spot for children’s artwork at the festival, the festival aimed to ignite a spark of excitement and creativity among the students, making them look forward to the event with eagerness and anticipation.


A Lifetime of Appreciation Begins

Engaging with the arts from a young age is more than just a pastime; it’s the beginning of a lifelong journey of appreciation. More significantly, it implants a deep-rooted pride in local culture and events. For the children involved, having their artwork publicly recognised brings a boost of confidence and fosters a powerful sense of belonging to the community. These early positive experiences are crucial. They set the stage for continual support and participation in Boyle Arts Festival, guaranteeing its vibrancy and relevance for future generations.


The 2018 School Project: Capturing Boyle Through Young Eyes

The 2018 initiative involved the enthusiastic pupils from St Joseph’s Boy School and Scoil nan Aingeal Noafa. Third class pupils were handed disposable cameras and tasked with a meaningful project: to capture images of places in Boyle that resonated personally with them. This assignment offered festival-goers a glimpse into the children’s perspectives, showcasing what they cherish about their community.

The children’s committee of the Boyle Arts Festival, spearheaded by Amy Commons and Catriona Fahey, alongside dedicated class teachers, guided the students on this photographic journey through Boyle. Esteemed photographer Tony Murphy played an indispensable role by expertly publishing and mounting the photos. The resulting artwork was displayed in a vibrant pop-up gallery during the festival, offering a unique platform for these young photographers to share their visions with the community.


A Deepening Community Connection

This initiative did more than just allow children to express their connection to Boyle; it also enriched the festival’s offerings by incorporating the unique perspectives of its youngest residents. The inclusion of these personal and meaningful snapshots captivated the broader audience, fostering a deeper engagement with the festival and highlighting the importance of the arts in nurturing community spirit.

As the Boyle Arts Festival continues to champion initiatives like these, it ensures the flowering of creativity, community identity, and an enduring love for the arts among the youngest members of Boyle. This beautiful synergy between young creativity and community engagement underscores the festival’s role not only as a celebration of the arts but also as a vital platform for nurturing the next generation of artists and art enthusiasts.

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Launched in 2018 as a vibrant part of the Boyle Arts Festival, the children’s art initiative was envisioned to deepen children’s engagement with the arts and the festival itself.